Our online store is linked to our live inventory system. We currently use a system that allows us to display 4 different order buttons for our products. Please allow couple seconds for the button to load. In some browsers this is immediate, but we have reports that to some customers the button refreshes after c. 3s after loading the page.


Add to Cart - This item is in stock and available for immediate dispatch. Most of the product that you see on our website will fall into this category.

Special Order - This item is not in stock, it is either already on the way to us, or we should be able to restock this quickly. Some items can be restocked and dispatched within 2 working days, other items may take longer to be restocked. The reason for that would be typically that demand exceeds supply or the items are in transit.

Some products are in such high demand, that manufacturers are rationing their supply to stockists across the world. This means that we might only be able to serve those whom placed their orders early.

Please contact us for more info about waiting times for your specific product, ideally call 07309 685581 and we will do our best to give you a more accurate ETA. Given that there are well over 2000 products (10 000+ variants) on our website, we are unable to update the waiting times separately for each, as the manufacturers are not always punctual with keeping their deadlines and updating suppliers and stockists.

If you decide to order "Special Order" item(s) without contacting us prior to purchase, we will try to update you on an ETA. However, with a large number of orders coming in we might not be able to get in touch with everyone. We are expanding our customer service team so that we can contact everyone individually, but for the moment we urge you to contact us prior to ordering, especially if you require the item ASAP.


Call for Availability - We should be able to get this for you, however the wait times might be longer than usual. Please contact us and we can give you a more accurate timeframe.

Unavailable - This means you have selected a combination that the manufacturer does not supply. For example, the Dagger Code comes in Action & Creek outfitting specification, some of the colours are available for both specs, such as red. Other colours are available in one spec only, for example Cosmos is only available in Creek Spec while Orange is only available in Action Spec. 


Orders with a mixture of items that are in stock and special orders will be by default dispatched all together. Please contact us if you would like to dispatch currently available items straight away.