Demo Boats & Paddles - Try before you buy 

No Pre-Booking required for demos!

Finding the best kayak or paddle for you can be daunting.

To help you out, we have a variety of brands, models and sizes available to try before you buy. Our store location on the bank of one of the most popular whitewater rivers in the UK offers you the perfect facility to test our gear. The upper Tryweryn is grade 3(4), the lower river section is grade 2(3).

Contact us if you would like to take the boat off site (Upper & Lower Tryweryn). This can be permitted depending on the season and the particular boat you wish to try.


Whitewater Kayaks

  • Waka (Wee) GOAT
  • Waka Billy GOAT
  • Waka Tutea
  • Waka Stout
  • Waka Gangsta
  • Waka OG
  • Waka Steeze
  • Waka (Puffy) Steeze BigStern


  • Spade Joker
  • Spade Bliss
  • Spade Queen of Hearts
  • Spade Blackjack 2.0
  • Spade Royal Flush - back soon
  • Spade Ace of Spades - back soon


  • Pyranha Ripper 2 M
  • Pyranha Ripper 2 S, L - coming soon
  • Pyranha Scorch S, M, L, X
  • Pyranha Ripper S, M, L
  • Pyranha Ozone S, M, L
  • Pyranha 9R2 M
  • Pyranha 12R
  • Pyranha Machno S, M


  • Dagger Code S, M, L 
  • Dagger Rewind S, M, L - coming soon


  • Exo Rexy
  • Exo Party Rexy
  • Exo Gui-Gui Helixir XS
  • Exo Gui-Gui Helixir S
  • Exo Gui-Gui Helixir L


  • ZET Chili
  • ZET Cross
  • ZET Five


  • DragoRossi DRX

  • Lettmann Machete 85
  • Lettmann Machete 65


Sea Kayaks, Touring & Recreational boats

Range of P&H, Venture, Islander, Dagger & Pyranha boats.


  • Werner - selection of paddles growing
  • VE Paddles
  • Tykal Sticks


Didn’t find the boat you want to try?

  • Give us a call and we’ll do our best to get it for you! 07958480372


How do I demo?

Buy a demo pass to try as many boats and paddles as you want for the day. If you decide to purchase a new kayak or paddle, money spent on demo passes will be refunded*. Please, bring your driving license or other form of ID.

For any paddlers under the age of 18 we will also require the signature of a guardian that is legally responsible for the paddler on the day.


Kayak Demo Pass


Paddle Demo Pass


Kayak & Paddle Demo Pass



If you have any questions about demo recommendations or availability, feel free to call us at 07958480372


* Up to £75 spent on demo passes in the previous 6 months will be refunded when purchasing a new kayak or paddle.


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