We are everywhere!

Catch us at these events to demo & buy your kayak, try new gear or anything else!
Please get in touch prior to make sure that we bring what you're looking for.


Calendar last updated 07/05/2024 07:00AM
More dates to follow shortly.


May 2024

Sunday 05/05/2024 - CIWW Festival, Cardiff (with Ryan & Matt)
Pop up shop & Demo boats

Sunday 05/05/2024 - Demos on the Dee (with Jiri)
2:30PM - Meet us at the Horshoe Falls Carpark for a lap with opportunity to try kayaks & paddles
We are currently bringing Pyranha React-R, Pyranha Firecracker 232 and 242, Waka Stoke, Waka Puffy Steeze, Waka Goat. Please let us know if you have any other specific request


Please get in touch for specific demo requests and free deliveries

Tuesday 07/05/2024 - River Moriston Release - CANCELLED
Meet at the put-in - 6:00PM
Please confirm attendance with Jiri - 07958480372

Thursday 09/05/2024 - River Garry Release
Meet at the main carpark - 5:00PM
Please confirm attendance with Jiri - 07958480372

Friday 10/05/2024 - SCA Freestyle + Pinkston Park&Play
Pinkston Watersports, Glasgow
On site from 5:30PM, release from 6:00PM, please book online