Keep in mind that these recommendations are based on what 95% of our customers would prefer. If your boat is near the end of the range, size up for easier use, size down for more implosion resistance. 

Deck Size Cockpit Circumference
Medium 80" - 84"
Large 84" - 90"
XLarge 90" - 95"
XXLarge 95" - 100"


The most accurate measurement for a spray skirt is your kayak cockpit rim circumference. Most current kayak cockpit rim circumferences can be found in our spray skirt fit database . If your boat is not listed, you can measure your cockpit rim yourself. Grab a piece of string, rope, or a tape measure. Follow your cockpit rim around at its broadest point, marking when you begin the measurement. If using a string/rope, lay the string in a straight line and measure from point A to point B, and you will find your cockpit rim circumference. Happy cockpit measuring! 

Tunnel Size Waist Size
XSmall 26" - 28"
Small 28" - 30"
Medium 30" - 33"
Large 33" - 36"
XLarge 36" - 40"
XXLarge 40" - 44"

Use your normal pants waist size as a reference point. If you don't know your normal size, use a soft measuring tape to measure your waist. Take this number and subtract 2" then boom, you have your recommended tunnel size.