If you have damaged your kayak or paddle please send us enough images to cover all of the information needed below:

  1. A closeup image of the damage showing it to its full extent (including something like a coin will be useful to show size)
  2. An image showing the location of the damage on the boat - so we can identify where is is (bow, stern, hull, cockpit, etc.)
  3. An image depicting the Brand, Model, Size and colour of the kayak in question.

The kayak will need to be in a clean enough condition that we can easily see the damage and any dirt/debris does not obscure the view of the damage or identifying features.

Please send these images to info@radicalrider.co.uk, the subject line of the email MUST contain the following: INSURANCE DAMAGE REPORT. The more information you can provide the quicker we can get the report back to you.