Last Update - 06/01/2022 12:20

40+ Recreation & Sea Kayaks in stock.

Please don't wait for your desired kayak to appear on this list, many kayaks will get sold before they make it on this list. If you are after a specific colour please contact us.

Pyranha Kayaks

Model Colour
Fusion II S (Stout) Orange Soda
Fusion II S (Stout) Solar Flare
Fusion II S (Stout) Fire & Ice
Fusion II S (Stout 2) Solar Flare
Fusion II M (Stout) Blue Crush
Fusion II M (Stout) Orange Soda
Fusion II M (Stout) Solar Flare
Fusion II M (Stout 2) Blue Crush
Fusion II M (Stout 2) Fire & Ice
Fusion II L (Stout 2) Blue Crush
Fusion II L (Stout 2) Fire & Ice
Fusion Duo (Stout 2) Azalea
Fusion SOT Orange Soda
Fusion SOT Blue Crush
Fusion SOT Fire & Ice
Fusion SOT Solar Flare
Surfjet 2.0 Blue Crush
Surfjet 2.0 Orange Soda
Surfjet 2.0 Pink Fizz


P&H Sea Kayaks

Model Colour
Valkyrie CoreLite X - Mini Hatch Ocean Turquoise
Virgo LV MZ3 - Skeg Scarlet Red
Leo HV CoreLite X - Skeg Ocean Turquoise
Scorpio II LV CoreLite X - Skeg Ocean Turquoise
Scorpio II HV CoreLite X - Skeg Emerald


Venture Canoes & Kayaks

Model Colour
Islay 12 - Fit4 (Skeg) Pink Fizz
Islay 14 - Fit4 (Skeg) Blue Crush
Islay 14 - Fit4 (Skeg) Pink Fizz
Islay 14LV - Fit4 (Skeg) Orange Soda
Islay 14LV - Fit4Sport (Skeg) Blue Crush
Islay 14LV - Fit4 (Skeg) Pink Fizz
Islay Cruiser - Fit4 Orange Soda
Islay Cruiser - Fit4 Pink Fizz
Flex - Fit4 Blue Crush


Dagger Kayaks

Model Colour
Stratos 14.5 S Electron
Katana 9.7 Action Blaze


Islander Kayaks

Model Colour
Koa Beach Reef
Koa Beach Coral
Calypso Sport Emerald
Calypso Sport Opal
Paradise II Emerald


Wilderness Systems

Wilderness Systems will be back in stock soon!