Last Update - 11/05/2021 10:30

120+ whitewater kayaks in stock.

Please don't wait for your desired kayak to appear on this list, many kayaks will get sold before they ever make it on this list. If you are after a specific colour please contact us.

Pyranha Kayaks

Model Colour
Scorch M Albino Python
Scorch M Azalea
Scorch L Albino Python
Scorch L Dart Frog
Ripper S Iceberg
Ripper S Mojito
Ripper M Iceberg
Ripper M Mojito
Ripper M Albino Python
Ripper M Dart Frog
Ripper M Azalea
Ripper L Iceberg
Ripper L Mojito


Ozone S Mojito
Ozone S Iceberg
Ozone S Chile Red
Ozone M Black/Yellow/Yellow
Ozone M Black/Jaffa/Jaffa
Ozone M Mojito
Ozone M Chile Red
Ozone M Dart Frog
Jed S Albino Python
Jed M Mojito
Jed M Iceberg
Jed L Dart Frog
Jed L Iceberg


9R2 M Mojito
9R2 M Iceberg
9R2 M Azalea
9R2 M Pink/Yellow/Turquoise with Heavy Duty Hull
9R2 M Dart Frog (Blemish)
9R2 L Chile Red
9R2 L Jaffa Cake


9R Original Azalea
9R Original Mojito

Machno S Orange Soda
Machno S Iceberg
Machno S Azalea
Machno S Jaffa/Yellow/Turquoise
Machno S Mojito
Machno M Iceberg
Machno M Mojito
Machno L Dart Frog
Machno L Iceberg
Machno L Orange Soda
B:Two M Sunburst


Waka Kayaks

The Wee GOAT & Billy GOAT are now sold out. Next shipment arriving 2nd half of May 2021. Please place your preorders now.

Model Colour
Steeze Red
Steeze Blue
Steeze Yellow
Steeze Lime
Steeze Black
Steeze with Pod Red
Steeze with Pod Blue
Steeze with Pod Yellow
Steeze with Pod Lime
Steeze with Pod Black
Big Stern (Puffy) Steeze  Lime
Stout Red
Stout Blue
Stout Yellow
Stout Lime
Stout Black
OG Blue
OG Red
OG Black
Gangsta Red
Gangsta Blue
Gangsta Yellow
Gangsta Lime
Gangsta Black
Tutea Red
Tutea Blue
Tutea Lime
Tuna 2.0 Blue
Tuna 2.0 Yellow
Tuna 2.0 Lime


SPADE Kayaks

Model Colour
Queen of Hearts Blue
Queen of Hearts Red
Blackjack 2.0 Yellow & Pink
Blackjack 2.0 Yellow & Blue
Blackjack 2.0 Red
Blackjack 2.0 Orange
Royal Flush Blue
Ace of Spades Orange - 1 colour only


Dagger Kayaks

Model Colour
Axiom 6.9 (Action) Blaze
Axiom 6.9 (Action) Electron
Axiom 8.0 Electron
Axiom 8.0 Blaze
Axiom 8.5 Electron
Axiom 9.0 Electron
Axiom 9.0 Blaze
Dynamo (Action) Blaze
Dynamo (Action) Electron
RPM - Factory 2nd Electron


EXO Kayaks

Model Colour
Rexy Red & Yellow
Party Rexy Purple & Green - 1 colour only
Helixir S Yellow
Helixir S Blue
Helixir S Pink & Yellow
Helixir S Red & Yellow
Helixir L Pink & Black
Helixir L Yellow & Green



Model Colour
DRX Green